Mineral Bath Soak- Lemon Sugar

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 Scented with plant based Natural Fragrance, Lemon Sugar

Our bath soaks are one of a kind! You wont just smell great, we add tons of magnesium to help detoxify the body! Magnesium is critical for metabolic processes, cell growth and reproduction and is involved in hundreds of enzyme processes affecting every aspect of life.  4 out of 5 Americans are deficient and CAN absorb it through skin. Magnesium is crucial for detoxification of toxins and heavy metals such as aluminum and lead. Try it in a foot bath in warm water for 15 mins while relaxing in the evening! Our mineral soak has coconut oil that may help heal hard cracked heals too! Filled with purple cornflowers, Himalayan pink salts, magnesium sulfate salts, dead sea salts and natural plant fragrance oils